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Sue Nhamandu

Sue Nhamandu – Pornôklasta and Philosopher

I was born Sue Ellen Vieira , but since 2008 when my son Pablo Nhamandu was born , the subversive maternity make it him the family children arch what made me to adopt the stage name Sue Nhamandu (the children sun in Guarani). I am a philosopher and pornôklasta, working especially with the philosopher/performer Paul B. Preciado and the authors / performers Annie Sprinkle, Maria Llopis, Diana Pornoterrorista, Quimera Rosa and Leonor Silvestri

My academic formation was in philosophy under the guidance from the poet and translator Jaci Correia Maraschin, in the Methodist University of São Paulo, in São Bernardo do Campo city where I also had the opportunity to studying Greek and ancient philosophy with Gabriele Corneli at the same university.

I am a philosophy teacher has been 11 years ago. My studies are focused in the areas of philosophy of science, philosophy of language, aesthetics, theater and now especially transfeminism and post-porn performances. Today I work with Filosolab workshops: proposing philosophy as a weapon of war, philosophical scripture applied to creation of subjectivities.

In addition, now also participate in the organization of Tecnoxamanismo festivals along with schizoanalyst Fabiane M. Borges and COLABOR, research group of history of art, aesthetics and digital languages of Professor Arthur Matuck from USP Universidade de São Paulo.

I published and presented in scientific journals and academic texts about “Artaud in Post-Modernity” and “The metaphysical silence in Artaud.” I have been dedicating myself even to research pre-project “An phenomenology of imagination of the double in Artaud” in the light of Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze and Bachelard.

I worked also as an editorial-staff member of the journal Margens, which published “Shii metaphysical silence” and “After Sartre” and member of ABEP Brazilian Association of studies of postmodernity.

I taught philosophy and history at SESI network where also organized the Theatre Festival of Plurality and Difference, directing and staging four performances between 2013 and 2014 with high school students.

Artistically I had the opportunity to worked as actress, performer and singer in the play “Macumba Antropófoga” by José Celso Martinez Correia no Teatro Oficina Uzyna Uzona in 2011, and on feature film A bruta flor do querer -Dida want Andradina Andrade Azevedo (2013 best cinematography and direction 41º Gramado festival.) And Sampã from Rafael Frazão. I had the opportunity to be drama student from Gerald Thomas Sievers.

In 2015 performed the MAC-USP Contemporary Art Museum of São Paulo USP “Kunyaza” the post-porn performance in Ampliterra event, coordinated by Professor Arthur Matuck, curated by Vanderlei Lucentini.